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Dancer is one of the legendary eight reindeer who pull Santa's sleigh every Christmas Eve. Dancer is co-lead reindeer along with his counterpart, Dasher, whose bravado Dancer admires. Dancer does his best to project a brave facade like Dasher, but he tends to fold like a lawn chair under pressure.

Likes: Dancer tries never to miss his favorite soap opera, As the Yule Log Burns. He is also a huge fan of famed North Pole singer, Harold Angel, and has all of his albums with the exception of The Whiteout album, which to this day is an extremely sore subject.

Dislikes: Dancer has a tendency to put on a few pounds during the summer months, which is a constant source of frustration for him. Dr. Autry, the Reindeer Trainer & Nutritionist, tries to remedy his weight gain with slimming Tundra Grass Milkshakes and a stringent weightlifting regimen.

Random Fact: Every year when Dancer sheds his antlers, he still enjoys putting them under his pillow awaiting a visit from the Antler Fairy.