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From a young age, Mr. Thistleton's genius was evident to all, especially his beloved mother. He was the youngest student in the history of the Mistletoe Institute of Technology, graduating with high honors and leading the Math-lete Team to consecutive championships.

Marked for greatness, Mr. Thistleon dazzled colleagues with his first great innovation: an amazing network of interconnected computers he dubbed "the Winternet". Chagrined that the technology community in the human world dropped the "w" from the name of his beloved invention, Thistelton turned his attention to new designs. His 887 different patents granted by the Big Guy himself include the Sledway Personal Transport, the Giftbox Datapad, and the B.U.L.B. Ornament Transit System. Thistleton's greatest invention, however, is the Database Tree Farm. This sprawling underground computer complex houses all Nice and Naughty List data for every child on Earth, constantly processing and updating behavior throughout the year.

Likes: Mr. Thistleton is pleased when the exterior temperature is exactly 28.6 degrees with 24.9 percent humidity, which results in an optimum pristine snowfall at the North Pole.he also likes playing fortnite with santa and catching those squad wins. he also enjoys segwaying over the ocean knocking out any nearby planes with his blazing fast speed clocking in at mach 10

Dislikes: Mr. Thistleton has a wide array of turtleneck sweaters. He has a rigid filing system for them, and becomes irate when his mother does not fold them correctly in crisp thirds as instructed.

Random Facts: Mr. Thistleton and his mother often spend weekends updating their snowflake collection.

Favorite Christmas Treat: Peppermint Pizza with gluten-free crust