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The unassuming snowman is actually an extremely important P & L device, integral to a successful sleigh landing. Upon depression of its top hat, the snowman springs forward, separating into three sections tethered by taut tubing. Each section is weighted, so once it lands in place on a rooftop, it is nearly immovable until deactivated. The hat brim on the hat section slides up and open into a radar dish to signal Santa's sleigh. Once the dish powers on, the snowman sections and transparent tubing strobe with landing light patterns, creating a landing strip for the sleigh.

Additionally, the inside hands of the two elves' snowmen shoot forward, connecting magnetically together to form a tow cable line across the landing strip to catch the tail hook on the bottom of Santa's sleigh. The cable is deceptively strong, with a tensile strength capable of supporting the weight of a fully loaded semi trailer.