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Rumored by many to be only an urban myth, the highly secretive Thrasher the Reindeer is purportedly the second cousin of Dasher the Reindeer. Thrasher is responsible for transporting Prep & Landing elves to their mission sites. He prides himself on his unparalleled stealth and speed, supposedly shaving his antlers smooth for better aerodynamics and painting their underside jet black to go undetected by radar.


Alleged Likes: Thrasher likes candy canes. And his cool shades.

Supposed Dislikes: Thrasher dislikes almost everything except candy canes. And his cool shades.

Rumored Random Fact: Word has it that Thrasher plays cards with a small circle of friends every Thursday night. At Thrasher's insistence, the location is undisclosed.

Thrasher has a tattoo of a holly leaf on his front leg. Only Blitzen knows the real circumstances involved behind it.


"I am a myth. Tell anyone I exist and you wont exist."