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Waterkotte is an overzealous elf who has taken it on himself to patrol the North Pole parking lots for rule violators. He maintains a diligent watch to ensure that every vehicle has a validated parking sticker. If some foolish soul chooses not to abide by his code of conduct, Waterkotte has no qualms about making an example out of that individual by towing his or her vehicle to the nearest glacier.

Likes: Waterkotte likes order and the chain of command.

Dislikes: Waterkotte dislikes it when he doesn't have time to trim his mustache at least twice a day. He also cannot abide smudges on his highly reflective sunglasses.

Random Fact: Waterkotte has outfitted his utility equipment cart to be his own personal patrol vehicle, complete with intimidating stenciled lettering that reads "Parking Enforcement", and a siren that flashes a very bright red.