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Wayne has worked on Prep & Landing for over 227 years, longer than almost all other elves currently active in the division.


Wayne graduated without much academic distinction from Kringle Academy, ranking in the middle of his class. Wayne and his roommate, Big Mike, were infamous for their campus hijinks, and were nearly expelled for their most renowned prank: somehow managing to encase their instructor's office entirely in a block of ice. Wayne redeemed himself, however, by successfully completing the Tannenbaum Trials with record scores, thanks mostly to his quick thinking and instincts. This ingenuity was not lost on the Big Guy, who quickly assigned Wayne to Prep & Landing.

Wayne and Magee dated briefly after meeting at a Christmas party, but the romance fizzled after the "insensitive knitted sweater incident". Fortunately, they have remained close friends over the years.

Wayne was quite the athlete in his day, and still enjoys participating in the occasional sporting event, especially those pitting Prep & Landing against the Coal Elf Brigade.


Likes: Wayne loves jazz.

Dislikes: Wayne cannot stand the smell of peppermint. It often gives him a rash.

Random Facts: Not being much of a cook, Wayne tends to eat out a lot at the Fruitcake Factory. His refrigerator is filled mostly with leftovers and egg nog well past its expiration date.